The second largest sports field in the world - New Yankee Stadium in the United States

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The total investment of the New Yankee Stadium in the United States is 1.5 billion US dollars, ranking it the second largest outdoor sports stadium in the world, only behind the Wembley Stadium in London. The construction party has invested in numerous concrete structuresAfter detailed inspection and testing, Kentek was ultimately selected as the surface treatment product for all the concrete stands in the soil sealing and solidifying agent products.

This once again proves that Kentek can not only be used on indoor floors, but also capable of protecting concrete surfaces in harsh external environments (such as UV radiation, acid rain erosion, freeze-thaw damage, crack repair, etc.), with superior technical performance.

According to US regulations, active silicate products used on outdoor pavement and bridge deck concrete surfaces must simultaneously meet the following four performance indicators:

1. Freezing and thawing cycles (weathering resistance): More than 100 times, with no cracks or peeling on the surface of the concrete.

2. Impermeability: The absorption rate is less than 1% after 48 hours and less than 2% after 50 days.

3. Anti slip performance: The friction performance of the treated concrete surface cannot be reduced by more than 10%.

4. Crack repair performance: meeting the repair indicators for sealing micro cracks in concrete.

For detailed information and testing indicators, please refer to the website of Kentucky International Company in the United States:


Construction of the exterior of the New Yankee Stadium in the United States


Construction pictures of New Yankee Stadium in the United States