Seeing the personnel of Kentucky Asia Service Center, a century old famous enterprise, visit the United States for inspection

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On February 10, 2016, technical personnel from the Kentucky Asia Training and Technical Service Center inspected the Kentucky International production factory in the United States. I have gained a deep understanding of the entire production process of Sedona in the United States. And had a pleasant exchange with the production and technical personnel of Kentucky from the United States.

Sedona concrete sealing and curing agent is produced by Kentucky International Factory in the United States.

The Kentucky International Production Factory located in Cincinnati, USA is a well-known chemical enterprise in the United States, with a large production scale, long processes, and advanced equipment. We believe that in the near future, Sedona Sealer concrete sealing and curing agent products from the United States will definitely become well-known worldwide!


Pre filling inspection of barrel containers


Sedona product filling


Temporary storage of 55 gallon barrel filled Sedona