Sedona sealing curing agent

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Sedona Sealer, also known as penetrating liquid hardener, is a colorless and transparent liquid material that is easy to use, non-toxic, non flammable, has strong permeability, and can permanently seal concrete. It does not contain VOC components and has been certified by the USDA of the United States Department of Agriculture. This product is composed of water, inorganic silicates, chemical active agents, etc. It undergoes chemical reactions with the chemical components in concrete through effective penetration, causing each component in the concrete to solidify into a solid entity, resulting in a dust-free and dense whole, greatly improving various performance indicators of concrete such as impermeability, wear resistance, weathering resistance, hardness, etc. This product is widely used in industrial flooring, electronics, pharmaceutical workshops, large supermarkets, parking lots, food production bases, sports venues, museums, etc.

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Unpacking and warehousing

SedonaSealer penetrates into the concrete and reacts with the chemicals in it to form gel, which blocks the pores and microcracks of the concrete, making your concrete condensed into a compact whole, thus improving its surface performance. This process can prevent solid and liquid impurities from entering the interior of the concrete, but at the same time allow gaseous water to flow freely, allowing your concrete to maintain its "breathing" function. The hardening and dust-proof effects of SedonaSealer are evident after a few hours of application, while the sealing process continues for 1-12 months after application. After achieving complete sealing, the glossiness and impermeability of the ground will be greatly improved.